Huayuan Electronics (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong and with factories in mainland China, specializing in the production of adhesive products. The company takes scientific and technological progress as the forerunner, introducing and assimilating advanced pressure-sensitive adhesive synthesis at home and abroad. Technology and continuous development of new products, it has now formed a collection of nearly 50 varieties of special pressure-sensitive adhesives and various industrial double-sided adhesive tapes.

The company has 4 production lines with internationally advanced coating technology and multiple fully automatic precision machines. The slitting machines and cutting machines all use imported original equipment and are equipped with a full set of testing equipment to test the products.

The company has three divisions, namely Electrical Tape Division, Double-sided Tape Division and Die-cutting Division. The three divisions handle business needs in different fields and provide specialized and personalized products and services to different customer groups.

1) Electrical Tape Division: Mainly produces various electrical tapes such as PET high-temperature tape, polyimide tape, polyimide film, automotive masking tape, etc.
2) Double-sided Tape Division: Mainly produces PE foam double-sided tape, PET double-sided tape, hot melt tape, etc. and various types of industrial double-sided tape.
3) Die-cutting business: Mainly produces VHB tape, copper foil die-cutting and various double-sided tapes, battery insulation sheets, sponge pads, EVA pads, die-cutting 3M, NITTO, TESA and other world-famous tapes.

Our company is an ISO9001:2008 certified factory, some industrial tapes have passed UL certification, and all products have passed EU ROHS certification. Customers are welcome to call us for consultation.


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