Polyimide tape manufacturer, your must-have for Zhuhai Huayu


In the era of rapid development in the 21st century, Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. stands out among many polyimide tape manufacturers and becomes your must-have choice for polyimide tape.
Let's understand the polyimide tape of Huayuan Electronics together.

Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd.'s polyimide tape is made of polyimide tape, which is based on a polyimide film and uses imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives. It has high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, Solvent, electrical insulation (H class), radiation protection and other properties. It is suitable for shielding wave soldering of electronic circuit boards, protecting golden fingers and high-grade electrical appliances, motor insulation, and fixing positive and negative ears of lithium batteries.
Zhuhai Huayuan's polyimide tape can be used in the electrical and electronic industry for higher-level H-class motor and transformer coil insulation banding, high temperature resistant coil ends

Wrapping and fixing, temperature resistance, thermal resistance protection, capacitor and wire entanglement and other bonding insulation under high temperature working conditions. It can be used for electronic protection and paste in the circuit board manufacturing industry. It is especially suitable for SMT temperature resistance protection, electronic switches, PCB finger protection, electronic transformers, relays and other electronic components that require high temperature and moisture protection. And according to the needs of special processes, low-static and flame-retardant polyimide tape is matched! High-temperature surface reinforcement protection, metal materials high-temperature spray painting, sandblasting coating to protect the surface protection, after baking at high temperature, it is easy to peel without leaving residue gum. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, no residue, and ROHS environmental protection and halogen-free.
In general, Huayuan Electronics' polyimide tape is an essential choice for the electronics industry.

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