Achievements again, in November 2019 Huayuan Business Depart


At 11 am on November 18, 2019, the business department of Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. held a commendation conference in November in the conference room.
The successful performance review meeting conscientiously and comprehensively summarized the work and results of the Huayuan Ministry of Internal Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Trade in November 2019, and at the same time pointed out the direction and achieved confidence for striving to achieve the annual work goals. In the second half of the year, in the face of the new situation, all employees will continue to enhance team cohesion and execution under the leadership of Vice President Tang, continue to improve their overall quality, seize new opportunities, meet difficulties, and advance their work in a planned and planned manner. The development of the interpretation of greater success.
And commend colleagues who have completed their performance.
  Analysis and summary, steady and steady

During the meeting, Ms. Chen, head of the domestic trade department of Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd., and SAM, the head of the foreign trade department made detailed reports on the work of last month, mainly reflecting the performance in December and the focus of work in 2020 on new customer development and old customers. Maintenance. This meeting recognizes the colleague who accomplished his goal in November-NIKI from the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

And Director Li of the Ministry of Foreign Trade who has achieved excellent results.
At the end of the meeting, Vice President Tang made a concluding speech. He pointed out: From the various data in November, the company's status has been continuously improved, and its brand image has been gradually strengthened. The performance in November is obvious to all, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd., and strive for another good performance in December.

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