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At 7:00 pm on January 11, 2020, Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. 2020 Spring Festival Gala was held in Nanping Hotel. All the staff of Huayuan attended the gathering and gathered together to welcome the new year and congratulate the new year!
Please follow our handwriting to review the splendid event of this Spring Festival Gala together! !!
Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics 2020 Spring Festival Gala will be divided into three parts, which are the general manager's speech, the staff awards and the art performance.
Message from the General Manager
At the opening of the party, Tang Xiaojun, general manager of Huayuan Electronics, said that 2019 was an extraordinary year for Huayuan, and encountered many difficulties, but the strong Huayuan people can still make great achievements in times of adversity and achieve results. New breakthroughs. General Manager Tang Xiaojun said that Huayuan's success in 2019 is inseparable from every employee present. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and hopes that all Huayuan people will continue to work hard in 2020 to create better performance.
Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Employees-Dedicated and dedicated
Employees are the company's most valuable asset. Every progress and success of the company is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of all employees.
In 2019, excellent employees of Huayuan Electronics constantly emerged. They created extraordinary value in ordinary posts. Thank you for your dedicated and dedicated employees. Thank you for your hard work and efforts to make the company better.
Awarding Ceremony for Veteran Employees-Joint Advance and Retreat
They are a group of employees of Huayuan in the early days, and they have never given up on Huayuan; they have witnessed every bit of Huayuan's growth.
The years of Fanghua are that they use their best youth to move forward and retreat with Huayuan together; thank you for having you and make Huayuan today, sincere thanks!
Literary and art performances-able to sing and dance
Huayuan Electronics' 2020 Spring Festival Gala also gave all employees a good opportunity to show their talents.
At the party, each department performed their own creative programs with passion:
Some people dance gorgeous dances, showing the vitality of youth;
Someone sang a song that started people, and the aftermath continued for three days;
Some people also brought imitation show, vivid and funny! !!
. . .
Live performance, passion, and climax!
Food and wine-full of expectations, blessing 2020
In addition to the wonderful performances of the New Year, of course, food and wine are indispensable.
The company's leadership also came to the stage and toasted with the employees in turn. Finally, all the employees of the company raised their wine glasses together, wished 2020 together, and prayed and wished for a better future together.
Non-stop prizes-HI turned around and returned with a full load
Huayuan Electronics' 2020 Spring Festival Gala has set up a lot of prize draws, which even brought the gala to a climax. Each grand prize was sent out in a burst of cheers. Are you the lucky one tonight?
With the final gift, the 60-inch Skyworth TV was sent, and by playing a guitar, we reluctantly sent away the brilliant 2019 and officially entered the brand new 2020! !! At 20.30, Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. 2020 Spring Festival Gala officially ended.
This is not only a party, but also a carnival party for Huayuan. It is also a corporate event that showcases Huayuan's company culture.
Bless Huayuan 2020 to a new level! !!

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