New products, Huayuan copper foil tape grand debut


On the occasion of the advent of the Double Eleven, Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. deliberately launched a 30M wide double-lead copper foil tape.
This double-lead copper foil tape is mainly made of copper foil and coated with acrylic conductive adhesive. It can eliminate electromagnetic interference, isolate the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body, and avoid the effects of unwanted voltage or current.

Double-lead copper foil tape is mainly used in various electronic products to prevent interference or electromagnetic waves or radio waves from being disturbed during high-frequency transmission.

  This double-lead copper foil is a thin, electrolytic material that is deposited on the base layer of the board as a thin, continuous metal foil that acts as a conductor for the PCB. It is easy to adhere to the insulating layer, accepts a printed protective layer, and forms a circuit pattern after 

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