Huayuan VHB transparent nano-free magic tape, your home univ


With the advent of the 21st century, many black technologies have emerged in today's increasingly technologically advanced. Below we introduce the VHB nano-markless magic tape of Zhuhai Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. This VHB nano-transparent non-marking tape can instantly absorb the glass of the car and is an expert in your household universal tape.

VHB nano-transparent seamless tape has the high-tech strength of nano-stable and non-dropping. Its material is a combination of VHB acrylic glue and PET double-sided tape. VHB nano-transparent non-marking tape has acrylic gel tearing without leaving marks, nano black technology has no trace adhesion, and does not damage the surface of glass surface and wall.
VHB nano-transparent seamless tape is made of acrylic nano-material, double-adhesive adhesion adhesive, can bear a smooth surface of 0.5 kg, and can be used for a long time.
VHB nano-transparent seamless tape reusable tape: the tape can be washed and reused infinitely. After the dirt, you can wash it with warm water and dry it to restore the viscosity.
VHB nano-transparent seamless tape Easy to remove: The grip pad is easy to remove without damaging your wall or surface, leaving no traces
Its scope of application: This double-sided tape can be attached anywhere, you can use it to paste photos and posters, fix carpet mats, and stick items on the wall, such as mobile phones, remote controls, keys, kitchen tools, etc. Organizing items
Diverse cuts: Easily tailored to any size, length, and essential tools for home and office.
In general, Huayuan Electronics' VHB nano-free tape is your home-use universal tape expert.

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