Acrylic VHB foam double-sided tape

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Key specifications:
Material: Acrylic foam based, coating solvent glue on both sides and covering with red release film
Color: white/black/transparent/grey
Release liner: PE film ( red, green, white, blue or any other color as per customer's requests )
Jumbo roll size: 800mm*300m
Thickness: 0.25mm-3mm
Width: 4mm-900mm
Length: customized
Adhesive base: high strength acrylic
Temperature resistance: ≥120℃
Release force: ≥4500
Tensile strength: ≥8500
Holding force: >24hours ( 80 ℃ 1000g )
Die cutting and slitting available
Excellent viscosity and durability,flame retardant and waterproof
High temperature stability
Good mitigating versatility
Suitable for irregular surface because of flexibility
Strong tensile strength and good durability designed for permanent bonding
Ideal for many industrial sectors such as automobile industry, architectures, electronic products and living goods

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