Polyimide tape

Polyimide tape

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Key Specifications:
Material: polyimide film coated with heat resistance silicone glue
Core size: roll core can be made as 76mm and 38mm
Normal thickness: 0.03mm,0.055mm,0.08mm,0.1mm,0.15mm,0.18mm ( PI+Silicone )
Normal length: 33m & 66mm or can be customized.
Normal width: 10mm,20mm,25mm,50mm can be customized
Color: Amber or black
Adhesion to steel: 6N/25mm
Tensile strength: 40kg/25mm
Elongation break: ≥55%
Working temperature: 260℃ ( long term ) / 300℃ (15min) / 425℃ ( 45 seconds )
Features: heat resistance,high voltage insulation,acid and alkali resistance,low voltage electroylic
Usage: protect golden finger when pcb board in soldering tin furnace,insulation of coil,wave soldering protection,electrical insulation,high temperature resistance etc. No residue leaving after peeling off.

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