Copper foil tape

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Key Specifications:
Material: copper carrier with oily acrylic conducting glue, single-guided/double-guided optional
Normal thickness: 0.05mm,0.06mm,0.09mm,0.15mm,0.2mm ( total thickness )
Normal length: 33m & 66m or can be customized
Normal width: 12mm,25mm,50mm or can be customized
Color: copper
Adhesive: oily acrylic glue
Tensile strength: 4.5kg/25mm
Elongation: 6%
Excellent heat-exchanging performance
Good adhesion and easily peel off
High electrical conductivity
Customized thickness,width and length available
Stable shielding effect
EMI shielding in equipment,components,shielded room
Ideal for transformers,mobile phone,computer,PDA,PDP, LCD Monitor etc.
Protecting body from electromagnetic wave

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