PET high temperature tape

PET high temperature tape

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Key specifications:
Material: polyester film + silicone adhesive
Normal thickness: 0.04mm-0.13mm
Normal width: to be customized ( 3mm,5mm,10mm,25mm,50mm )
Normal length: to be customized
Jumbo size: 665mm*200M
Adhesion to steel: 0.7N/25mm
Tensile strength: 195kg/25mm
Elongation: 150%
Temperature resistance: 180℃
Voltage resistance: 9KV

Key features:
Die cutting and slitting available
Plastic or metal high temperature masking protection up to 180 ℃
PET film offers excellent thermal,abrasion,and chemical resistance
Silicone adhesive provide high heat resistance up 180℃
Good performance to touch-to-stick surface
Sharping color makes tape placement obvious for both application and removal

Masking for powder-coat painting.
Flash-breaker tape when pulling through cured coating such as epoxies.
Holding parts or sealing vacuum bags during processing.
For industries’ electroplating / ultra high temperature painting and powder coating,optional liner,die-cutting for any shapes

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