Aluminum foil tape

Aluminum foil tape

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Key Specifications:
Material:Aluminium Foils
Total  thickness:0.042mm/0.051mm/0.061mmm/0.086mm/0.24mm/0.06mm/0.1mm
Film  thickness:0.013mm/0.35mm/0.038mm/0.048mm/0.025mm/0.05mm
Width: 10mm/20mm/30mm or to be customized
Length: 33m or 66m are popular or to be customized
Continuous temperature:-20~+120 ℃
Constant weight :61-74g
Stripping: ≧0.55
Durable viscosity:>24
1.Good weather resistance.
2.Good low temperature resistance.
3.Maintaining excellent initial tack and adhesion under low temperature.
4. Suitable for bonding operation under low temperature.
1. Application for thermal insulation materials industry 
2. Used in the construction industry
3. Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
4. Refrigerator manufacturing industry
5. Gas appliance manufacturing industry
6. Electronics, battery, communication cable manufacturing
7. Food Industry
8. Pharmaceutical packaging industry
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